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Hosting a Bubbaware Party is not only a great way to get friends and family together for a cuppa or a glass of bubbly, it is also a fabulous opportunity to gain some great incentives.


Simply, as our thank you for hosting a party, you will receive an exclusive Bubbaware VIP card offering 10% discount valid for 12 months to use on any purchases, whether it be for your little one(s) or for a special gift.


As well as the Bubbaware VIP card, you will receive a percentage of party sales (with no minimum sales!) to spend on anything from the Bubbaware range.

And if any of your friends book their own party from your party, you will also receive a $20 bonus credit for each subsequent party booked. 


Whether you choose to host an evening gathering with a few friends, a noisy Mother’s Group catch up with the little ones or anything in between, we will happily cater to any situation.